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This is Hannah’s first year presenting the fun week, she has been helping at the Holiday Club for many years and is usually found somewhere in the drama. She’s full of enthusiasm and will undoubtedly bring a lot of energy to the week!

This year is Luke’s fourth presenting. Luke has had many roles over the years, often taking part in the drama and games. But he really comes into his own when leading and teaching the kids from the front. With his sister, Hannah, alongside there are bound to

Team Leaders

Grace is a veteran of many years at the Holiday Club and this year returns as a team leader, this time for the red team. Grace is excited to get back into the competitive game leading her team.

This will be Chloe’s fifth year with the Holiday Club and her second as a team leader, for the green team. Although an experienced leader, she is no less keen and eager to lead her team to victory.

Emily grew up surrounded by the Holiday Club and is now taking her second turn as a team leader for the blue team. Although the youngest of the leaders, Emily has the most experience of being part of our teams. She certainly knows how to win.

Leaders Hannah Luke Grace Red Team Green Team Blue Team Chloe Emily

Sharon is also joining Hannah and Luke on stage for the first time this year. Last year Sharon took on the main organisational role for the holiday club and is now looking to bring her fun and exciting ideas to the teaching as well.